bobsketch200I registered the domain back in 1996 shortly after graduating from college. I’ve used for different things including a meta search engine, forum, blog, and a link sharing site. I’ve never developed my original concept for the domain but that’s another story.

To celebrate the twenty year anniversary of my ownership of this glorious domain, I decided to start selling sketchy products. Hot Sauce was the first product to be sold and we sold out of our 2015 craft hot sauce!

Facts About Me And Hot Sauce

  • Over the years I’ve gone through different phases of hot sauce use but the first encounter I recall was with Tabasco sauce.
  • I’ve been known to buy Sriracha by the case on as well as spend time in the Amazon trying different hot sauces.
  • I estimate I sometimes use an ounce of hot sauce a day, especially since I put it on everything.

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